Mike Baron; Eisner Award winner, creator of titles Florida Man, Nexus, and Badger, and writer on titles such as The Flash and The Punisher, amongst many others; joins hosts Aaron Dowen and Matt Sotello on Beards And Comics Podcast.

In these episodes, Mike discusses his current Indiegogo campaign for Florida Man, his past successful Kickstarter campaign for Nexus’ novel series, and the importance of creator owned properties. You can find the episodes anywhere you get your podcasts.


Find episode 1 releasing on July 16th, and episode 2 on July 23rd.


Check out Mike’s Florida Man indiegogo project by clicking the link below:



A quick summary of Florida Man:


“Gary Duba’s having a bad day. There’s a snake in his toilet, a rabid raccoon in the yard, and his gal Krystal’s in jail for getting naked at a Waffle Castle and licking the manager. Gary is just a southern redneck living in a trailer down by the swamp, but he’s got dreams, big dreams. But it seems like every time he tries to get ahead, fate deals him a low blow.

Then one day he gets lucky…”


More info about Mike Baron via Comicvine:


“Baron and Rude’s first comics creation was a series of short stories detailing the adventures of a post apocalyptic encyclopedia salesman. The series would eventually see print in Pacific Comics Vanguard anthology series, however it was initially rejected by Capital Comics who instead asked the creators to come up with a superhero title instead. They came up with Nexus, and the rest is history. Baron went on to create the Badger series for Capital as well. Both properties were purchased by First Comics when Capital stopped publishing. Baron stayed with Nexus and Badger for many years, writing every issue up to their cancellation when First folded in the early nineties. Baron has since written lengthy runs on Punisher for Marvel, and The Flash for DC. He is currently taking a break from steady comics writing while he finishes his second novel. He cites Carl Barks and Philip Jose Farmer as his two biggest writing influences.”




1993 Eisner – Best Writer/Artist

1993 Eisner – Best Single Issue/Story

1988 Inkpot



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Comicvine information for Mike Baron can be found at https://comicvine.gamespot.com/mike-baron/4040-42505/


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