Catalyst Comics Studio is proud to announce a new creator-owned imprint, entitled Uprising.

The new imprint will house comics outside of the Catalyst Comics Universe (CCU) of superheroes, and will further serve as a place for other creative teams to be published. In an effort to further expand our title offerings, Uprising will be an important step for our readers to find new and exciting comic books. The first title will be the highly anticipated Welcome To Everville, by co-creators Aaron Dowen and Matt Sotello. Moving forward, it will continue to become the imprint for stories in a diverse array of genres. It will also house unconnected superhero stories, being those not tied into the current storylines presented in the CCU that currently houses Paradigm, Tilt, and Silhouette.

“We feel that now is the time to start sharing with everyone some of our plans for the future of Catalyst Comics Studio. The industry as a whole is changing, and we want to maintain the momentum that we have already created in our first year of publication. We also want to extend a hand to creators who want their content housed under another publisher, and help us all grow in the indie comic market together.” – A statement from co-owner Aaron Dowen (Paradigm, Tilt, Welcome To Everville).

“What better way to describe the indie comic market than with an imprint to match?” – A statement from co-owner Matt Sotello (Paradigm, Welcome To Everville)

The new imprint is also in place for Catalyst to begin publishing other creators’ work with our company’s support. While the details are forthcoming on how it will work, we decided that now was the right time to take the first step by establishing an imprint. As we continue our commitment to providing you with engaging characters, and exciting stories, Uprising will help you Read Outside The Box. We thank you all for your support, and we can not wait to provide you with more information as we are able, and ready, to release it.

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