The iconic Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Dark Red, Grayson, Nightwing, Bloodshot) is joining Beards And Comics Podcast for their upcoming episodes.

Seeley is an illustrator and author who has been working in comics for years. With a deep love and passion for indie comic books, these next episodes are sure to bolster your confidence in the indie comics realm.

Seeley is known for titles such as Grayson, Loaded Bible, and Hack/Slash; but he has had his hands in so many other comics. He is currently writing Money Shot, Dark Red, and Bloodshot.

Part 1 airs September 3rd, with Part 2 following on September 10th, anywhere you get your podcasts.

More info about Tim Seeley via Comicvine:


“Tim began his career working for a children’s book company but also penciled scripts for Avatar Press on the side. Also early on in his career he worked for the independent publisher Dead Dog, where he drew interiors and covers for some of their books, including Hellion and From Heaven to Hell. Tim has also done work for the big two, on such comics as Exiles for Marvel and Wildcats for DC.

In 2001, Seeley was hired by his friend Josh Blaylock as a staff artist for the publisher Devil’s Due. He worked on several titles at DDP, including popular properties like G.I. Joe, Halloween and Forgotten Realms. As well as original works like Kore and most notably HACK/SLASH.

HACK/SLASH is Tim’s best known work, having worked on the book for eight years. In 2010, Seeley took the title from DDP to Image Comics, where after an origins mini series, the title would run for 25 issues until it came to an end in mid 2013. Following the end of the regular Hack/Slash series, Seeley launched a crossover mini series Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash via Dynamite Entertainment, which canonically followed where Hack/Slash was left off…” (follow the link below for more info)





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Images provided by Tim Seeley page on Twitter, Grayson image provided by DCcomics


Comicvine information for Tim Seeley can be found at https://comicvine.gamespot.com/tim-seeley/4040-7660/


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