Catalyst Comics Studio, LLC is proud to announce the next step in their continuing pursuit to expand their footprint, and provide quality short stories, comic books, and trade paperbacks by signing their initial distribution deal with Maverick Distribution effective immediately. All current Catalyst Comics titles, as well as Uprising titles, will be available to retailers directly through Maverick.

“Over the past two years of publishing, we have been working steadily toward the inevitable goal of partnering with a competent, driven distributor. We are excited to be able to offer our comics in any willing stores and to work with Maverick to help their business grow alongside ours. This is a big moment for us, and we can not wait to share our work to an even broader audience.” – Aaron Dowen, Editor-in-Chief

Maverick Distribution is a new startup owned and operated by Encased Comics owner Jon Velez. With forward-thinking and customer service at the top of the mind, as a store owner, Jon knows the things that many other distribution services could be doing better. Maverick is poised to become a massive competitor in the distribution realm, and is launching with multiple publishers full catalogs. 

    “It is our honor and privilege here at Maverick Distribution to be Catalyst Comics Studios distributor choice. As Catalyst Comics Studios has produced such amazing comic book stories such as their latest creation One Last Job, Welcome to Everville, and Tilt just to name a few, we are excited to distribute these comics in the hands of the comic bookstores nationwide. Our mission is to deliver works created by indie and small press creators to all comic book storefronts by putting creators, stores, and shipping quality first. We welcome Catalyst Comics Studios our Maverick Family!” – Jon Velez, Owner of Maverick Distribution

Catalyst Comics Studio, LLC (CCS) launched in 2017 with a single short story and two driven co-owners determined to make an impact in small press publishing and indie comic book creation. CCS has been publishing comic books since March 2019 and has multiple active titles spanning a variety of genres, with an imprint for creator-owned titles, called Uprising. CCS also operates multiple shows and podcasts, as well as graphic design and consulting services. 

For more information about Catalyst Comics Studio, LLC visit any of their social media accounts or contact directly at or for business inquiries

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