Aaron Dowen


Stung by a bee at an early age, Aaron began to exhibit the ability to formulate engaging stories about other worlds, and those that live there. Now, he puts those stories into script format, as well as, short stories, for all of us to enjoy.

Current Work

CATALYST: Paradigm, Tilt, Everville, Brick Jackson P.I., Silhouette: Shadow Games

OTHER: The Red Wasp (Giant Star), Shadowclaw (Giant Star)

Matt Sotello


After tripping on radioactive waste, then rolling around in it because it “felt warm”, Matt began to notice that when he put pencil to paper, art began to form. Harnessing that power, and responsibility, has torn Matt from reality into a world he refers to as, “Mattaverse”.

Current Work

CATALYST: Paradigm, Everville, Cover designer, Character designer

Joe DeSantos


At a young age, Joe was blessed by a magician with the powers of art. Through years of silent meditation, he began to uncover the mystical art of… art. After discovering the power within himself, he began to illustrate and use his abilities for good.

Current Work


OTHER: COP#2 (Egocentric Comics), All Winners Society & Irongate Universe (Irongate Comics), Escape From Dino Isle (Supercilious), Silver Streek (Leatherback Labs)

Ramon Amancio


Captured by a group of artistic mercenaries; Ramon was forced to fight with colored pencils and water colors every day, to the death. Victorious, he rose through the ranks to one day earn his freedom. Armed with his knowledge of the brush, he now colors to preserve the sanctity of comic book everywhere.


Current Work


Mel Ford


Born from the union of light and dark, Mel was infused with the powers of the artist. Balancing his responsibilities with the nagging call of the wild, he pushes this dark nature deep into the depths of his soul. In turn, he is granted with the powers of light to be thrust into a dark world through tantalizing illustrations.  


Current Work

CATALYST: Brick Jackson P.I.

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