(Ben Fallow)

Ben is a tech genius who has been running from his past for a decade now. However, our previous lives always have a way of catching up to us… As Ben uncovers a dark truth about himself, and the world around him; he must decide what kind of man he will become…

(Patrick Eitilt)

Stripped away from everything he knew during his formative years; Patrick became a superpowered mercenary for the secretive Council of Elders. Having escaped, Patrick is now homeless… but hunting down those responsible for stealing his life.


Shadows, and her ability to flicker in and out of places keep her identity a mystery. This deadly femme fatale is searching for her sister, and she doesn’t care about the body count she will leave behind to find her

(Adrian Jones)

If teenage years weren’t already difficult enough; try having your brother getting caught up with the local mafia. Luckily for Adrian, he has the unique ability to transform from the nerdy, helpless kid that he is; into a large, hulking brute. He used to run away from fights in fear, but now he has learned an important lesson: to save your family, sometimes you have to punch the problem in the face.

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