Silhouette: Shadow Games

Experience the origin story of James Tsalal, a mercenary agent working for the secretive Council of Elders. He has been assigned to monitor and report the happenings in Charlotte, North Carolina surrounding a female vigilante known only as Silhouette. As he struggles to maintain a grasp on his mission; their stories begin to catapult them into their roles as heroes or villains.

Fire By Knight

The world will never know me as a hero. Once, I was a nobleman who tried to help the less fortunate. Now, I am a villain, an enemy of the state, a threat that must be stamped out. Yet, there is one secret I have held onto for my entire life; until the very day that you find this journal. Something has always been different about me… I had felt it as a child, a dark corner of myself hidden away, waiting for its moment to burst forth; a power that I had been gifted in my darkest moment. While tragedy dismantles so many people, it is that horror which made me who I am. My name is Airic, and this is my story; the story of a knight turned traitor.

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