Tilt #2 (Digital)


Tilt #2 (Digital)



After the explosive ending of Issue 1, Patrick is assumed to be dead, and he is okay with that. Now, with his newfound anonymity, he must work together with Exquisite and Cindy to track down his new foe. Along the way, he will uncover a secret that Cindy has been holding onto herself, and make a decision about his own future.


Tilt is the fourth wall breaking, gritty, and self-aware superhero story that follows Patrick Eitilt; a homeless superhero in Boston. It chronicles the story of his past, and what pushed him into becoming the hero that he is today. His story is tied directly into the Catalyst Comics Universe, and will explore the agents of the Council of Elders; a secret organization bent on exploiting, controlling, or eliminating, hyper-evo’s. Patrick became the subject of countless experiments, each grooming him to be one of the most powerful agents of the Council. Now escaped, Patrick is dedicated to keeping his city safe, while tracking down those that manipulated him.

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Someone wants Patrick dead, and now he has a chance to find out who.

Written by: Aaron Dowen

Illustrated by: Joe Desantos

Colors by: Ramon Amancio

Cover by: Matt Sotello



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