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  Established in 2017 by founder Aaron Dowen, Catalyst Comics Studio began its illustrious journey in the realm of comic book publishing. The studio’s momentum truly accelerated towards the end of 2018 with the strategic onboarding of co-owner and esteemed illustrator, Matt Sotello.

     From its inception, Catalyst Comics Studio held a clear objective: to produce compelling comic books that resonate with audiences. While this remains our core, our trajectory has expanded, embodying innovation and diversification in the field of graphic storytelling.

     A significant milestone in our journey was the successful execution of our inaugural Kickstarter campaign. This initiative not only facilitated the production of several other titles penned by Aaron but also validated our direction and purpose within the industry.

     In our continuous pursuit of engagement and outreach, we ventured into the auditory medium with the Beards and Comics Podcast. This platform became instrumental in fostering connections with fellow creators, facilitating discussions about the intricacies of the indie comic landscape. Though its original iteration ran for a notable 100 episodes, the podcast has since evolved into Inner Sanctum, seamlessly integrating with Aaron’s substack, ensuring our engagement with our community remains robust.

     In 2020, we proudly announced the launch of Uprising, our first imprint. This division was conceptualized as a space for narratives beyond the conventional superhero genre.

     Moreover, Uprising extends our commitment to the creative community, offering a publishing avenue for visionary creators to showcase their works.

     2022 & 2023 encapsulated the years of change, as both co-owners faced life’s difficulties headon. As a result, Matt Sotello stepped down as co-owner to continue his education and execution of his tattooing career. In his place, Jessica Thornton stepped in as producer and editor to help continue to grow the company.

     At Catalyst Comics Studio, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and the art of storytelling. We invite you to explore our offerings, join our community, and share in our passion for the unparalleled world of comics.

Grunge Catalyst Logo
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