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Ben has suffered loss, doesn’t have a great relationship with his family, and holds onto a powerful secret about his past. He is constantly trying to do what he thinks is right, seemingly a way to regain the innocence torn away from him. He has a great job, friends, even a lady in his life… but his childhood still haunts him; replaying in his mind over and over again.

As the story unfolds, we will discover that the past is a hard thing to keep locked away. The end of issue one throws a curveball into what may have seemed like a casual story. Soon, Ben will have to make a decision; to either tear himself away from his responsibility, or to become the hero the city so desperately needs.

Creative Team

Writer/Creator: Aaron Dowen
Illustrator: Matt Sotello
Letterer: Van Claridge

Paradigm Issue 1 cover

Where Do I Begin?