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Anthony grew up hearing stories about the illustrious history of the Templar Order. He had known even before he could speak that this was his destiny. However, what he thought was done for the glory of God ended up becoming a thirst for blood and domination. Gareth, his sergeant, had done irreparable damage. Anthony fled his order and made his way to feudal Japan’s Izumi province in search of spiritual solace, and silence.

As the years went on, Anthony immersed himself in the culture, picked up the language, and made an effort to forget his shameful past. He found temporary peace in the bottom of the bottle, and tried his best to keep to himself. The universe had other plans, and Anthony found himself in the midst of a bar brawl that drew the attention of Nariyasu; a ruthless Daimyo who lead with fear and blood. Despite Anthony’s best efforts to avoid conflict, a tragic turn of events eventually led him to draw his sword once again.

Creative Team

Writer/Creator: Aaron Dowen
Illustrator: Joe Desantos
Colorist: Lois Laqui
Letterer: Van Claridge
Producer: Jessica Thornton
Main Cover: Lois Laqui

Fall of Knight Cover

Where Do I Begin?