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Catalyst Comics Studio Announces Key Additions to Board of Directors

[Raleigh, 5/14/2024] – Catalyst Comics Studio, publisher and advocate of multimedia story-telling, is pleased to announce the appointment of new members to its board of directors. These additions mark a significant step forward for the company as it continues to expand its creative endeavors and pursue new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Aaron Dowen, Editor-in-chief of Catalyst Comics Studio, expressed his enthusiasm for the new appointments, stating, “We are thrilled to bring in Van in a leadership role that will oversee the growth of the creator-owned side of Catalyst, known as Uprising. It has been a desire for years to start bringing in new stories and creators, and now we have the person to look over these submissions. Pairing that with bringing in Chad to handle our social media frees me up from having to work on a side that I know I am weak on. Chad loves analytics and making connections, and I think this will be a fantastic way to help grow our digital footprint.”

Van Claridge joins Catalyst Comics Studio as the new Content Director, responsible for overseeing the Uprising imprint and managing submissions by creators. Reflecting on his new role, Claridge shared, “Jumping into the Catalyst Comics crew is like diving into an adventure! Comics are the ultimate jumping-on point of visual media, allowing anyone with a compelling story to get their ideas out there to inspire, entertain, and tickle brains. I can’t wait to start looking at some of these stories and help whip up some wild, unforgettable reads for fans everywhere!”

Chad Perkins assumes the position of Social Media Manager, bringing his expertise in social media and passion for comics to Catalyst Comics Studio. Perkins expressed his eagerness to contribute to the company’s success, stating, “I want to be able to help get people’s books under new audiences’ eyes. I’m excited to bring my knowledge of social media and comics to an up-and-coming publisher that is Catalyst Comics…okay I said the corporate jargon, can I have my wife and kids back?”

These appointments underscore Catalyst Comics Studio’s commitment to fostering creativity, teambuilding, and innovation within the comics industry. The company looks forward to leveraging the unique talents and perspectives of its new board members to further enhance its position as a leader in visual storytelling.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Jessica T
President of Production
Catalyst Comics Studio

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